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 Guild Rules (updated 26. March 2008)

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PostSubject: Guild Rules (updated 26. March 2008)   Thu Jul 12, 2007 12:10 am

Here are the rules you must abide to if you want to join or stay in Forgotten Heroes:

- No discriminating, hating, poking fun, racist remarks or anything in that nature are tolerated.

- Jokes are allowed (lol).

- Transactions between guild members when it comes to items or money are free. No charging for anything to any guild members.

- Please be in possession and in familiarity with Teamspeak.

- No using illegal addons; I don't have to make a list here, we are all smart enough to know which addons are good and bad.

- Please don't bug me about promotions.

- I choose how to punish (although I take heavy influence from my officers). The chain of command is as follows: Guild Master > General > Admiral > Lieutenant > Private > Initiate > Newcomer. The same principle with the Deathknell GM system.

- Be helpful to your guildmates, you never know, you might need them in the future Smile.

- Yes, we are a small guild I am very aware of that and I don't need anyone telling me this either. It is my wish to have a small guild with the motto: "quality over quantity".

- Please read these rules regulary and check for updates (not to mention being familiar with them).

- The Guild Bank is there to help you out with items. It's not there to be robbed. I trust you all heavily with this. I spend a lot of time trying to make the GB full with useful items, so don't take my generosity for granted. Also, please don't take any money that you don't need, any extra money will go into new GB tabs/better items.
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Guild Rules (updated 26. March 2008)
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