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 Guild Requirements

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PostSubject: Guild Requirements   Thu Jul 12, 2007 12:11 am

Generally, anyone can join our guild. There are, however, certain rules that must be laid down and followed (believe me, I'm not the bossy type). They are as follows:

- We want mature people, that means, no spamming guild chat, not rude comments whatsoever, not immature behavior in general.

- You must be level 10 at least.

- Though we are not a PvP guild, we certainly don't mind it you know a bit about your class and are bringing a positive and "I want to learn" attitude along with you.

- Be up to date with the happenings on the main Deathknell sites.

- Don't be a spy. We have had these in the guild in the past, certain players not only from the horde but from other alliance guilds, this is simply ludicrous and there is no point.

- Make sure you have read this and the guild rules before letting us know you want to join![/u][/i][u]
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Guild Requirements
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